Getting to Kyparissi


  • There is a bus from Athens International Airport, to the bus station 'KIFISOS'. VIEW TIMETABLE
  • From there you can take the bus to 'Molaoi'. VIEW TIMETABLE
  • Once you reach Molaoi, you should take a taxi to 'Kyparissi'. Avg. Rate: 50€

You can also contact us and we can arrange for you a water taxi or a helicopter to Kyparissi.


There are different roads to Kyparissi, but we suggest this one.

  • From Athens, take the E94 national road to Korinth and then the E65 national road to Tripoli.
  • Pass Tripoli and continue on the E65 road. Take the Lefktro Exit to Sparta (A71) which ends at a roundabout near Skoura and Geraki.
  • If you want to break your journey to Kyparissi, Geraki is a good place for an overnight stop and you can visit the ancient hilltop castle.
  • From Geraki continue through Agios Dimitrios all the way to a junction just before Kremasti.
  • Turn right at the sign for Xarakas and Kyparissi. Continue until this road comes to a junction with a church on the left.
  • Turn left and stay on this road until you reach Kyparissi. The last few miles of this road must be the most spectacular drive in Europe, with towering cliffs overhead on one side and a 1,000 metre drop to the sea on the other. Have your camera ready!
  • When you reach Kyparissi drive down towards the sea until you come to a fork in the road. Take the left fork to Metropolis. Kyfanta is just before the next junction, on the right hand side after the supermarket.

  • Distance: 298 km , Duration: 4h 2min, Tolls: Yes

ATTENTION! There is no gas station in Kyparissi. Make sure that you fill your tank. Last gas station is in Geraki, 50km away.